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Travelling within the city, especially in an Indian metro, is nothing short of harrowing for people who use their own cars daily. For most cities like Bengaluru and Chennai, road travel is often the only way to get from one place to another. You can commute within the city, or try to get outside the city limits for a trip or meeting. There is hardly room to stretch your legs after sitting in your car for hours - it is a waste of time and energy! So why not hire a tempo passenger and relax completely What is a Tempo Traveller? The Tempo Traveler is a luxury bus that can seat 13 to 26 people. They have seats with sufficient leg space and a large boot to hold luggage. The best tempo passengers also have an on-board entertainment system, PA (public address) system, emergency exit and security kit. Why hire Tempo Traveller? Renting / hiring a Tempo Traveler is a great travel option for groups of people from 9 to 15. Tempo Traveler is the perfect solution for both long and short distance travel. Everyone usually seeks comfort and adequate leg space while travelling, especially over long distances. With Tempo Traveller, you do not feel tired of long journeys because you are comfortable sitting and you have enough room to stretch your legs while sitting. Whenever you want, hire / rent a passenger Tempo Traveller Service Providers themselves do not worry about why you need a vehicle. If this warrant occurs on this occasion and you should hire or hire a tempo passenger in your city, just go ahead and make a booking. Following are some opportunities to book a tempo traveller : Corporate tourism wedding pilgrimage holiday picnic excursion weekend weekend Which Tempo Traveller Should You Hire? The best thing about riding a tempo passenger is that you can maintain your personal space in a luxurious vehicle. At Cab Pass, we offer state-of-the-art Bajaj or Force Tempo passengers. You can choose between Ac or Non-Ac tempo passengers for these two brands. Both are large vehicles that are ideal for short or long distance travel or any other tours. Assure safety and comfort during travel, as all vehicles are thoroughly checked before being shipped to customers. What about the driver? It starts with assigning a reliable, experienced and friendly driver with your bus. When you hire a tempo passenger with us, be assured of the driver's credit and punctuality. Other add-ons Keeping in mind friendly drivers are other things that you hire / keep a Tempo Traveler. Changes are offered from one tempo passenger to another, depending on the seapo capacity and the type of tempo passenger. Things to know about tempo traveler booking on cab journey Travelling in Indian cities can be challenging, and when you are in the metropolitan area, traffic can further increase your travel burden. For many popular Indian cities, road travel is the only option in the absence of metro or local train. To avoid unnecessary traffic congestion and travel financially, one can easily opt for Tempo passenger services. This allows you to travel in a group and avoid crowded public transport easily. It saves both money and time and is also an eco-friendly way to explore a city. Tempo can easily select passenger services using a reliable service provider such as Cabri, which helps its users connect with multiple travel operators and avail their services through its online portal. In keeping with the current pandemic scenario, Cab Trip has also introduced a Security + facility to ensure that passengers are not at risk of exposure to the virus. This reduces the possibility of rapid contamination. The most prominent features of Safety + include the following. Mask is required for all passengers and employees on board Vehicles with all safety + facilities including tempo passenger fares are thoroughly cleaned to avoid any contamination Hand sanitizers are now part of the infrastructure list and are provided on all vehicles Passengers need to bring their blankets when they need one Here are some travel tips that will help you get the most out of your Tempo passenger fares using RedBus. Always compare rates from various operators using cab beta before finalizing your booking. When planning an outdoor trip using Tempo passenger fares, one should check the weather conditions and pack their clothes accordingly. It would help if you were conscious of your personal belongings in crowded places.

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